The Simple Act of Breathing

The act of breathing is simple but profound. Something most of us take for granted.

Breathing allows us to focus on the internal sensations of the body, letting external  events subside. Teaching yoga students to learn and listen to what is happening inside begins the process of calming down. Internal awareness helps us better relate to the external life we need to be part of. Breathing puts us in touch, feeling the sensations of our body.Childs Pose 11

When I first began my yoga journey, external and internal made no sense. They were the same. I was the Donald Trump of yoga. What I thought, I said, never knowing, seeing or feeling the consequences of my own never ending thoughts.

I did not have the awareness to understand that the external things in my life were not where my happiness lived. I believed that maintaining my business and the stuff I owned was directly correlated to the happiness I felt in my heart. The subtle shifts in my beliefs were the effects of my yoga practice that brought about my true internal happiness. Continue reading

Yoga for the Mind and Body

Science is beginning to back up the many benefits of a yoga practice. 

Having a healthy mind and an unhealthy body is unhealthy. The opposite is true too. Your body and mind work together for optimum health. Bound Angle

 Not only does yoga benefit your body, yoga has the ability to change the way you think. 

 I look at my life in two separate time frames; before and after I started practicing yoga. 

 Before yoga, I was a Type A over achiever. I was constantly  busy. Though my busyness was also productive, sitting still with myself wasn’t something I was comfortable with.

 I wasn’t aware of the reasons then and I would have defended my busyness with comments like:

“I have a lot to get done.”

“I get bored when I’m not doing something.”

“If I’m not doing something, I may as well be asleep.”

“I’m not the kind of person that can sit around and do nothing.”

“I must be worthless if I’m not busy. I have to prove myself worthy.” Continue reading

What is Awareness or Mindfulness?

As I look back on what I have and have not learned in life, I realize I used to live in a state of constant agitation.

I was always “on,” I was always moving and doing. I was perpetually busy.Busyness

For me, busy was good. It kept me busy! I liked busy. I was taught an idle mind is a lazy mind. So I stayed busy.

I talked fast. I moved fast. I did things fast. I got a lot done in a day. I thought that was efficiency. Doing, doing, doing. Getting things done.

In many cases, it was efficiency. I could get things done in a day that most people couldn’t do in a week. I look back on all that I accomplished and feel a sense of pride in my production.

And a sense of trepidation that I may have missed out on some other things in life that my busyness created.

Being efficient is all well and good. Frankly, at that age, getting things done is what is “supposed” to happen. The 20’s and 30’s, and now the 40’s as we live longer, is thought to be the most “productive” times in our lives. Depending of course on what it is we are “producing.” Continue reading

Gratitude Helped me Change My Story

We all need a tribe. Friends we hold near to us who can hold our hearts when they are broken or hurt. People we trust and can help us tribe

We all need someone to tell our stories to.  A tribe that has our back. We need to release pent up frustration, anger, sadness and confusion that keeps our story spinning in our heads, not allowing us to move forward. If we can’t get our stories out, we continue to stay stuck in the past.

When something exciting, tragic, or traumatic happens to us, we want to share that event with others. It’s only natural to want to tell our story. It’s being human.

Often, we tell our story because our story makes us keep living in a place we are used to. We stay stuck in the story, unable to let go of the past that helped us create the story.

The fear of moving forward keeps us stuck in the past. Continue reading

How to Avoid falling in love with abusers/losers?

After leaving an abusive relationship, getting into another relationship is often a response to the feeling of not wanting to be alone.


This is normal and understandable.

However, if the work is not done to heal, we often find ourselves back in the situation we just left.

When in an abusive relationship, our nervous systems often adjust to the abuse. The abuse becomes our normal. We aren’t used to the feeling of what “normal” relationships feel like. The roller coaster of emotion has been the go to “normal” feeling of a relationship. Continue reading

How do I Deal With Fear?

Fear is a normal emotion, especially  when leaving an abuser. The initial time after leaving an abusive relationship feels like the world is falling apart. Without scars and bruises, the abused often feels like they are going crazy. Emotional abuse is and can be as devastating as physical abuse, but you don’t have scars to prove it was abuse.

IMG_6935As you try and understand and possibly explain to others the abuse you have endured, people may think you are the crazy one. On top of the fear you already feel, this added confusion only creates more fear.

Know, believe, and understand that this feeling does not last.

Be kind to yourself. Tell yourself this is only a feeling. Feelings do not kill you. Try not to react adversely or run from these feelings. Let them happen.

The fear will pass and/or subside.

You will be okay.

You are loveable and loved. Continue reading